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Welcome to Oded’s lessons page. This section of the website contains downloadable content such as video lessons and PDFs, as well as information about private lessons.


Tihai Lesson

Tihais are sophisticated rhythmic devices that come from Indian classical music. Creating a tihai involves a broad understanding the relevant time cycle. In this video lesson, Oded explores a cycle of 7 beats and presents various approaches to tihai placement.

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Total running time: 29 minutes.

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Slides Lesson

Indian classical music specializes in the space between the notes – the journey from one sound to another. This video is the result of 10 years of research on how to utilize that space on the saxophone, as presented in Oded’s clinics in London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and New York. Watch the demonstration video or read about the technique to learn more.

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Total running time: 17 minutes.

Middle Path Product

A Middle Path

After presenting the Middle Path technique at the 2011 British Saxophone Congress, Oded wrote a comprehensive analysis of the method. This document includes a cultural background of Indian classical music, as well as a step by step instruction book.

Purchase includes a PDF (29 pages).

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Private Lessons

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As a teacher, Oded offers a comprehensive view of the saxophone technique he uses to play Indian classical music, as well as a universal approach to the melodic and rhythmic contents of the music itself. Lessons are conducted via Skype or at Tzur’s home studio in New York.


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