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Track List

  1. The Dance [11:32]
  2. The Song of the Silent Dragon (and the Courage of his Friends) [14:49]
  3. Tzurkauns [9:30]
  4. Warrior Elephants Flying in the Moonlight [2:20]
  5. Child’s Dance [1:22]


Oded Tzur, Tenor Saxophone
Shai Maestro, Piano
Petros Klampanis, Bass
Ziv Ravitz, Drums

Recorded by Jim Anderson at Avatar Studios
New York City, March 26, 2014
Mixed by Ziv Ravitz
Mastered by Alan Silverman

Like a Great River

Enja Records (2015)

A discovery – Alex Dutilh, Radio France

Masterpiece! – Bernhard Jugel, German National Radio

Tzur and his colleagues are definitely on to something – Peter Margasak, Downbeat Magazine

Quietly moves your soul – George Harris, Jazz Weekly

Oded Tzur enters the international Jazz scene as a musical storyteller – Concerto (Austria)

Themes of heightened melodic beauty, leading to a flowing river of narrative improvisations – Jazz Thing (Germany)

In roughly 10 years of studying Indian classical music, Oded’s musical aesthetics were dramatically redefined. The work he started by sliding between the notes of the saxophone, developing techniques that allow for more microtonality on the instrument, were coupled – upon arriving in New York – with the attempt to ‘slide’ between different musical traditions. With Petros Klampanis, Ziv Ravitz and Shai Maestro, the members of the Oded Tzur Quartet, a joint adventure began to take shape. The ensemble’s commitment to that undefinable creative space between Indian classical music and Jazz, both improvisation based traditions, quickly became its defining factor. The quartet performed in and around New York for two years before finally going into the studio to record the fruits of their work. The result, Tzur’s first album as a leader, was released on the prestigious German label Enja Records in April 2015.